Annual Physicals Specialist

Internal Medicine & Integrative Medicine Doctor located in Encino, CA

Internal Medicine & Integrative Medicine Doctor located in Encino, CA

Annual physicals form the cornerstone of proactive health management. As a top-ranked internist in the Encino region, Dr. Rabbani offers annual physical exams to help patients at his Encino, CA, practice enjoy optimal health at every stage of life.

Annual Physicals Q&A

What happens in an annual physical exam?

First, patients are asked to complete a personal and family health history to keep a record of diseases and chronic medical conditions that may help identify potential risk factors for disease. Next, weight and blood pressure are measured and recorded. Heart and lungs are listened to using a stethoscope, and the lymph nodes in the neck and belly will be gently felt to determine if any swelling or tenderness is present. Eyes, ears, and throat will be visually examined, and joints may be moved using passive exercises to evaluate their function. Once the exam is complete, the findings and any recommended treatments will be discussed. Patients will also receive medical and lifestyle guidance based on their age, habits and other factors to help them stay healthy and avoid disease. Medical screenings to look for risk factors for diseases may also be ordered.

Why are annual physicals important for maintaining health and wellness?

Having a physical exam each year provides an ongoing record of health that can be used to identify signs of diseases in their earliest stages so treatment can begin right away. Yearly exams also ensure patients receive the medical care and guidance they need as they get older, or their health needs change, including routine screenings for any disease. And they also provide an opportunity for patients to discuss their health-related concerns or ask questions.

What should I do to prepare for my annual physical exam?

Patients should be familiar with their medical histories as well as the histories of their parents, siblings and grandparents so they can provide a complete medical history. Be ready to provide a list of any medications or nutritional supplements that are being used, including daily aspirin and vitamins. Often, blood work or other medical tests will be ordered in advance of the physical exam, and these tests should be completed at least a week prior to the appointment so the results will be available at the time of the exam.

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