Weight Loss/Management Specialist

Internal Medicine & Integrative Medicine Doctor located in Encino, CA

Internal Medicine & Integrative Medicine Doctor located in Encino, CA

Being overweight or obese can cause serious and even life-threatening medical issues. At his practice in Encino, CA, Dr. Rabbani uses a safe, effective approach to weight loss management in his Encino patients, helping them achieve their weight-loss goals with customized plans based on their unique medical needs.

Weight Loss Management Q&A

What is medical weight loss?

Medical weight loss is a healthy eating and activity that is overseen by a doctor experienced in health and nutrition, and which uses customized plans that are tailored to the medical needs, food preferences, lifestyle habits and other factors that are unique to each patient.

What are the benefits of physician-supervised weight loss management plan?

Managing weight is rarely a simple task. Often, the underlying cause of weight loss is related to a nutritional deficiency or underlying health issue that results in binge eating and poor food choices. Sometimes, food preferences and busy lifestyles interfere with complex or rigid diet plans that are designed for a general population. Medically supervised weight loss management programs focus on the whole patient, including an evaluation of overall health and assessment to determine if nutritional deficiencies or other issues are contributing to weight problems. Weight loss management plans also take food preferences and lifestyle issues into effect to create a custom nutrition plan that focuses on the needs of the individual patient, which means plans are easier to adhere to, and patients can enjoy greater success compared to commercially available diet plans. Plus, weight loss management under the care of a skilled physician ensures each patient is carefully monitored so changes can be made as needed to support optimal health.

What does a weight loss management plan include?

First, patients undergo a physical exam which often includes blood tests and other lab work to check for possible nutritional deficiencies or medical issues that could be contributing to weight gain. A complete medical history can also provide important information. Next, patients will be asked to provide information about their dietary habits, lifestyles, and food preferences so a customized plan can be developed for their needs. Finally, routine office visits will be scheduled to ensure the patient stays on track and healthy throughout the course of treatment.


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